Myllypuro campus promotional site

During a product development project course, Metropolia University and Helsinki's Neighbourhood project commissioned us to create something to promote Metropolia's new campus and the Myllypuro area.

The original idea was to build an infographic website that would promote how Myllypuro had changed in the last couple of decades for the better. Due to time restrictions and not getting enough relevant statistics to make this happen, we settled on concentrating on promoting what the new campus will offer.

My primary role was the front end development while the rest of the team concentrated on graphic design. I wanted to make a parallax scrolling website using Skrollr javascript library, but ran into issues when trying to get the parallax to work on mobile. This led to me using Fullpage.js, which is not the best solution in terms of usability, but manages to give the site a somewhat animated feel.

Thanks to this project, I learned some CSS animating and the use of several javaScript libraries. While the end result has some rough edges, I found it to be a taughtful experience.

You can view the full site here.

Front end development / Concept design: Simo Virtanen
Graphic design / Concept design: Elina Hurtta & Samuli Saarikoski